Terms and conditions of use



1.1. The User (“User”) of the website www.chamex.com.br (“Website”) agrees to the following terms and condition and with any modified and/or added terms that the International Paper (“International Paper”) may publish (collectively, the “Terms of Use”). The acceptance of the Terms of Use is essencial to any form of use of the Website.

1.2. The International Paper company may modify this Terms of Use without any previous notification to the User. The Website access will be subjected by the current version of the Terms of Use, rules and guidelines published on the Website at the moment of access. Thus, the User must verify the page “Terms of Use” regularly on the home page www.chamex.com.br to check the current terms. The simple navigation on the Website after any change or upgrade on the Terms of Use policy implies agreement with them. In case the User does not agree with the modifications, they should interrupt any use of the Website immediately.


2.1.The access and the use of the Website must be in conformity with this Terms of Use, considering any current contract between User and International Paper and the law.

2.2. International Paper remains the only owner of all rights, titles and interests of the Website content and reserve all the rights not explicitly given under these Terms of Use. International Paper may modify, replace or cease to continue any Website content at any moment, for any reason, with or without notice, following criteria exclusively from International Paper.

2.3. All Website content, including but not limited to trademarks, images, data, logotype, names, domain names and further distinctive signs, as well as any and all content, drawing, art or layout published on the Website, (collectively the “International Paper Content”), as well as the selection and the disposition of the International Paper Content, are exclusive property of International Paper and are protected by copyright, trademarks, patents, commercial secret and any other law regarding intellectual property and other deals. Any unauthorized use of the International Paper Content violates those laws and these Terms of Use. Exceptionally when expressively indicated in this contract or in another specific contract eventually firmed between User and International Paper, the International Paper organization do not allow any expressed or implicit authorization for use of any International Paper Content.

2.4. The User agrees to not copy, republish, frame, link to, download, transmit, modify, adapt, create works derived from, rent, lend, sell, attribute, distribute, exhibit, execute, license, sublicense or make any reverse engineering from the Website or any International Paper Content. Furthermore, the User agrees to not use any data mining, robots or similar data and/or methods of collection and extraction of images in connection with the Website or with the International Paper Content.

2.5. Any act or contribution that tend to decompilation, reverse engineering, modification of characteristics, enlargement, alteration, merging or incorporation in any other programs or systems are forbidden. Finally, any and all means of reproduction, total or partial, permanent, temporary or provisional, free or under charge, under any modality, forms or titles of the Website are forbidden.

2.6. Unless there is a current contract with the International Paper, the User cannot download, distribute, exhibit and/or copy any International Paper Content.


3.1. To the means of these Terms of Use, the term “Comercial Trendmark(s)” will henceforth mean all registered commercial trademarks, logotypes and domain names, or any other indication of origin used now or in the future by International Paper.

3.2. Nothing in this contract guarantees the permission to use any registered commercial trademark of International Paper, unless if it undergoes what is expressed in these Terms of Use.

3.3. The User agrees they will not use the registered commercial trademarka of International Paper in any way that might depreciate, harm the image or cause a bad impression to the International Paper.

3.4. The User agrees that will not contest (as an example, in a legal action, or whatsoever), will not help or support any other person or entity to contest the validity of any registered commercial trademarks of International Paper or the rights of the trademarks claimed by International Paper.

3.5. The User agrees to not use any registered commercial trademark of International Paper or any variety of registered trademark (including variations with misspellings) with the domain name or part of a domain name, regardless of the type of domain, or as metatag, keyword or any type of code or data of computer programming.

3.6. The User cannot, at any moment, adopt or use, without previous consent of International Paper, any word or trademark that is similar or that might be confounded with the registered commercial trademark of International Paper.

3.7. The visual appearence of the Website of Chamex trademark, including all page headers, individualized graphs, icon buttons and scripts, are commercial trademarks of International Paper and cannot in any way be copied, imitated, partially or integrally, without written consent by International Paper.

3.8. All other comercial trademarks, products names or companies names or logotypes used or that appear on the International Paper Website belong to their respective owners. References to any product, service, process or any other information by means of commercial name, commercial trademark, producer, suppliers or any other do not constitute or implies approval, sponsorship or recommendation by International Paper, unless it is expressed stated.

3.9. The User cannot use the logotype of the commercial trademark of International Paper, images or any other graphic property to create a link to the International Paper Website without International Paper written consent.

3.10. The User cannot create frames or hotlinks to the Website of the International Paper or any Image without International Paper written consent.


4.1. International Paper (or third parties acting on its behalf) can collect User date from the Website. The third parties platforms, by which the User accesses the Website, can collect information related t the platform use, making them available to the International Paper in the terms of the contracted between User and the referred platform. The collection and the use of the aforementioned information, by International Paper, in all occasions, must follow the present Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy of International Paper and current law.

4.2. International Paper will use and protect User data, as their name and address, following the Privacy Declaration of International Paper. Its content is incorporated as a reference in these Terms of Use.


5.1. The User cannot use the International Paper Content to any purpose without previous authorization to this action. Any use of International Paper Content must be ruled by a written agreement firmed between User and International Paper. The public exhibition and/or distribution of any International Paper Content without previous authorization constitutes copyright violation.


6.1. If the User believes that any image or other material offered by International Paper violates any copyright that the User whether possesses or controls, the User can notify International Paper as described in the Privacy Policy.


7.1. The User agrees not to:

● Engage in any conduct that constitutes violation of any law or International Paper rights or third parties’ rights;
● Violate any law or applicable norm related to access or use of the Website, or engage in any activity forbidden by these Terms of Use.
● Violate International Paper rights or third parties’ rights (including privacy and publicity rights) or abuse, defame, persecute or threat third parties.


8.1. In case any anomaly is detected, according to International Paper criteria, and if it is severe or demonstrate a deliberated attempt of breaking the rules described in these Terms of Use or in the Privacy Policy, mandatory to all users, or in case of non-compliance by the User of any obligation stated in these Terms and/or disagreement with current Brazilian law, regardless of previous notification or communication, as by International Paper verifying of notification, subpoena, any public authority warrant or any third parties’ report, this will immediately block access of User to the Website and to the International Paper Content.

8.2. International Paper can block, restrict, disable, suspend or end the access of any Users to all Website, and/or to the International Paper Content, following its exclusive criteria, without previous notice. Any User conduct that, following those criteria, restricts or inhibits any other person or entity from using or experience the Website is strictly forbidden and might result in exclusion for the User from the Website access without previous notification.


9.1. In case International Paper provides links in its Website to any third parties’ websites or allow the vinculation of such links on International Paper Website, the User must be aware that International Paper does not offer any type of guaranty, expressed or implied, and does not take responsibility by any content or practice of those third parties or their websites. Those websites are not under the International Paper control, and International Paper provides and/or allows the existence of those links only as a convenience to the User. The inclusion of any link does not imply affiliation or endorsement by International Paper.


10.1. The Website use is a responsibility of the User, without any expressed, implied, legal or any type of guaranty. International Paper does not offer guaranties that: (i) the Website will attend to the Users’ requirements; (ii) nonstop access to the Website; (iii) the Website quality will fulfil Users’ expectations; and (iv) any mistakes or defects of the Website or in the material will be corrected. International Paper does not represent the jurisdiction of the User or provides guaranties that the Website content will be allowed under the jurisdiction of the User, and neither that the Website itself, its content or its use will be nonstop or free from mistakes, that the Website content will fulfil Users’ needs or the International Paper will offer support to any specific resource of the Website. As any exemption or limitation of responsibility is not applicable, all expressed, implied and legal guaranties will be limited in duration in a period of thirty (30) days after the day in which the Used accessed the Website for the first time, and no guaranty will be applied after this period.


11.1. The User agrees to defend, indemnify and not put responsibility to the International Paper, its subsidiaries, affiliated, employers, agents and third parties suppliers of information, collaborators and independent hired collaborators in any legal actions, damages, costs, doubts and other expenses (including, but not limited to the costs of a lawyer) that come as a result of the Users’s conduct, (a) within the improper use of the Website and its content; (b) by violation of the Terms of Use; or (c) by violation of any third parties’ rights.


12.1. The content of these Terms of Use must be interpreted and executed following the República Federativa do Brasil law system.

12.2. In case of disagreement between these Terms of Use and any contract firmed between User and International Paper, the terms of the contract must prevail.

12.3. The content of these Terms of Use must not be interpreted neither against nor in favor of any parties, but only according to the fair meaning of the language here contained. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of any parts of these Terms of Use must not harm the validity or applicability of the balance of the present instrument.


13.1. The User declares to have read, understood and that agrees with all rules, conditions and obligations here stablished.


14.1. The parties elect as the competent jurisdiction to solve eventual controversies that may emerge from the interpretation and the fulfilment of the Terms the jurisdiction of the Comarca from São Paulo/SP.

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